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Thrive is our Wellness and Weight Loss program with a 20-40 pound guarantee. Our program is individualized to your unique needs and body chemistry to achieve the best results possible this short amount of time!

Thrive is not like other weight loss programs.  We identify your body’s specific requirements to optimize your best supplement and food needs to overcome your biggest weight loss challenges. We identify your key needs for: organs, metabolism, cell energy, microbes, detoxification, and hormonal regulation.  We use a combination of factors pulled from your personalized body composition analysis, along with our multi-phase program protocol and coach support along the way, to help you reach optimal health! 

Each client leaves with the tools they need to achieve their wellness and weight loss goals.  Thrive is totally individualized and customized for the client's unique needs and body chemistry. 

We use real food, never prepackaged, food. We have coaches that are passionate about helping transform people's lives. What are you waiting for?

How Do I Get Started?

If you're ready to boost your health, our Thrive team is ready to help you achieve those goals. Contact our clinic at (614) 792-3444 to discuss the details, and get scheduled for your one-on-one consultation today.

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