Slipped Disc

What You Should Know About Slipped Discs

Typically, a herniated disc occurs when the discs in your back go through age-related changes. As you get older, your discs aren't as flexible as they once were. Basically, your discs become more prone to a herniation. 

Sometimes, you'll be able to pinpoint when you herniated a disc, such as when you lifted with your back muscles as opposed to your thigh and leg muscles. You may experience a herniated disc once you turn or twist while you're lifting. Although it's rare, a fall could cause this issue as well. 


You may never know you have a herniated disc because it doesn't always cause symptoms. However, the herniated disc may irritate the nearby nerves or soft tissue. In this case, you may have pain. Weakness, numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation are also possible as well. 

Depending on the location of the herniated disc, you may experience symptoms that extend throughout your legs or your arms. If the symptoms worsen, they could interfere with your daily life. 

How a Chiropractor Can Help 

First and foremost, Dr. Briggs or Dr. Jay at Northwest Wellness Center will want to perform testing to get to the root of your pain. This may include a physical exam, an assessment of your range of motion, and speaking to you about the problem. However, if this isn't enough to diagnose the problem, your chiropractor may recommend imaging to look at your back. 

After the diagnostic process, Dr. Briggs or Dr. Jay may recommend you complete our spinal decompression program. During this treatment, you'll be positioned on a table. Our chiropractic technician connects you to rigging that slowly moves the vertebrae in your back so they separate from the discs. Ultimately, this takes the pressure off the injured disc, allows it space to heal, and lets blood flow to the area without interruption. 

A "slipped" disc can cause you pain that interferes with your daily life. However, Northwest Wellness Center can offer natural treatments to help manage your discomfort. 

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