Are you suffering from the sharp, shooting lower back pain and leg pain of sciatica? Your chiropractors at the Northwest Wellness Center, serving Dublin, Hilliard, Worthington, and Upper Arlington, can help you get back to a drug-free life, free from pain. Here are three important things about sciatica that your doctors at Northwest Wellness Center want you to know.


Sciatica is a Symptom, Not the Disease

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. Pressure on the sciatic nerve can cause symptoms in your hips, buttocks, lower back, legs, and/or feet. Misalignment of your lumbar spine on the sciatic nerve results in pain, tingling, or numbness that can be intermittent or constant, 24/7.

But the bundle of symptoms we call sciatica is usually a result of something else:

• Herniated (ruptured), dehydrated, atrophied, or "slipped" discs in your spine, pressing down on the sciatic nerve
• Tightness in your muscles at certain trigger points
• Wearing high heels or elevator shoes
• Bad posture
• Prolonged sitting
• Pregnancy
• Chronic overweight

Your chiropractor will perform gentle manipulation of your spine to take pressure off your sciatic nerve and give you drug-free, surgery-free, immediate relief. But chiropractic care also aims to identify the underlying cause of your sciatica to provide pain relief that lasts. Your chiropractor helps you prevent sciatica from becoming a chronic health concern.

You and Your Chiropractor Work Together to Achieve Sciatica Pain Relief

Your chiropractor has a variety of techniques and treatments to alleviate the symptoms of sciatica. The doctor may use spinal decompression, gently stretching your spine to its normal length and relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Ultrasound treatment may be employed to stimulate circulation in the muscles of your core and lower back. Increased circulation oxygenates these tissues, hydrates the discs in your spine, and carries away the neuropeptides that send pain messages to your brain.

Your chiropractor can also use heat and cold therapy to relieve pain. Spinal adjustment is another effective technique used to relieve the pinched nerve causing sciatica pain. However, one of the most important things your chiropractor does for you is to help you correct lifestyle issues that contribute to your problem. Simple exercises that you can do at home complement your chiropractic care and help facilitate the healing process between your treatments.

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