Peripheral Neuropathy

peripheral neuropathy

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is defined as a group of disorders that begins due to damage of the peripheral nervous system (a part of the nervous system, excluding the brain and spinal cord).  This is the collection of nerves that connects your limbs and organs to the central nervous system.  This condition, also known as Peripheral Neuropathy, generally occurs because damage to the nerve axons has occurred.  The nerve axon is what conducts the electrical impulses to different places.  For example, if damage occurs within the axon of a sensory neuron, then a person's sense of touch and warmth will be impaired.  Generally neuropathy creates pain, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.  There is not a single underlying cause for neuropathy. 

How We Can Help

Our specialized neuropathy program addresses Peripheral Neuropathy by aiding your body in preventing the nerve from completely dying - by bringing more oxygen into the affected area.  If the patient has any sensation at all, the nerve can be revived.  Numbness, tingling, burning, sensation of pins and needles in the hands and or feet is due to hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen to the area.  Our Peripheral Neuropathy Program consists of several different treatments, most of which can be done at home, with regular follow-up appointments with one of our providers.

Combining Chiropractic Care With Neuropathy Treatment

Chiropractic care and our neuropathy program work hand in hand to provide lasting relief. The providers at Northwest Wellness Center make adjustments and correct any alignment problems that make you more vulnerable to neuropathy sensitivity and pain. Between chiropractic adjustment sessions, ongoing at-home neuropathy sessions can keep your progress moving.

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Peripheral neuropathy treatment represents just one of the many therapeutic options available at our holistic wellness care center. For more information about our program, contact Northwest Wellness Center at (614) 792-3444.

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