Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation can result from an injury, infection, or irritation. An inflammatory response is your body’s set of first responders. Acute inflammation can be beneficial as it helps eliminate harmful pathogens. Chronic inflammation can happen when the body reacts with a stronger-than-necessary response to a condition attacking the body or an out-of-balanced immune system. We at Northwest Wellness Center in Dublin, OH, offer professional chiropractic services to help alleviate the symptoms of chronic inflammation.


Potential Causes of Chronic Inflammation

When it comes to chronic inflammation, causes might include:

  • Conditions and autoimmune diseases
  • Toxin exposure.
  • Acute inflammation from an injury or infection left untreated.
  • Lifestyle factors that include stress, lack of sleep, smoking, too little/too much exercise, weight issues, or abuse of alcohol, etc.

Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help Reduce Inflammation

A professional chiropractor’s primary therapeutic tool is a spinal adjustment or manipulation. This chiropractic technique realigns the spine and can help reduce pressure and inflammation between the vertebrae. When the spine is appropriately aligned, the nerves may function optimally. Other supplementary therapies that a chiropractor on our team can use to treat chronic inflammation include:

  • Lifestyle advice: Sometimes our own actions can cause our health to deteriorate. Finding out what may be hurting your health in your day-to-day life may help you to overcome your condition.
  • Cold laser therapy: Laser therapy can help promote circulation which can help reduce inflammation.

Creating a Balanced Chiropractic Care Treatment Plan

Along with offering spinal adjustments and other supplement therapies, a professional chiropractor on our team can help customize a plan that includes ways to make lifestyle changes that can help to further reduce chronic inflammation.  

  • Dietary Revisions: An anti-inflammatory diet is nutrient-dense, consisting of vegetables, fruit, fish, and lean meat may help. Supplements like vitamin D, magnesium, and fish oil may help to promote joint health.
  • Weight loss: Carrying excess weight might cause additional inflammation.
  • Exercise: Physical exercise can help encourage your body to work optimally, potentially helping to reduce inflammation.  
  • Stress management: Modern life, with all its conveniences, has done little to reduce stress. Reducing stress might help to reduce inflammation as well.

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Dealing with chronic inflammation can be challenging; however, a chiropractor can help effectively reduce the symptoms caused by chronic inflammatory disease with a gentle spinal adjustment and complementary therapies. For more information about how we at Northwest Wellness Center in Dublin, OH, can help with your chronic inflammation or to schedule a chiropractic consultation, reach out by telephone at (614) 792-3444.

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