Supplements - Do You Need Them?

It's more than a yes-or-no answer!

We live in a world that doesn't leave a lot of time for proper mealtime. A lot of one's diet consists of fast food, but also, the way foods are grown and processed now affects the quality as well. Unfortunately, there is no longer a lot of nutritional value to the food we eat anymore.

So, part one is, yes - we definitely need to supplement what we eat! But, as with almost anything, you get what you pay for.

You can walk out of a large retail store with a huge bottle of "supplements" you just paid $14.95 for, and you might as well roll down the car window on your way home and throw them out. They will do very little for you nutritionally.
There are two very basic thoughts about good quality supplements and vitamins They are not the cheapest, and if they sound hard or tablet-like when you shake the bottle, put them back on the shelf. They're probably not the highest quality you can get.

Tablets do not breakdown or digest as easily as caplets or gel-caps. You are getting much closer to the advertised amount of nutrients the label says you are by following these two easy suggestions.

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