Spinal Decompression - A Non-Surgical Solution For Pain

You've heard it before from a friend or family member: "I slipped a disc" or "I threw out my back." Very often times, when these words are uttered, they are experiencing what is referred to as a bulging or herniated disc (not good). Common symptoms of these conditions include: pain in the low back or neck, pain from the low back down into the glutes/legs or from the neck down into the arms and hands, numbness, tingling and shooting pain. Most people don't know that bulging discs in the low back or neck are actually very common and many of you walk around with them everyday - with little to, sometimes, no pain. However, this type of condition is a ticking time bomb and many people are just one wrong step off of the curb or one tiny slip in the shower away from "throwing out my back again" and being in a serious amount of pain or even unable to stand up straight.

Chiropractors catch a lot of flack for recommending to patients that even when they are feeling good to still receive regular chiropractic adjustments here and there to maintain the health and integrity of the spine - and conditions like bulging or herniated discs are exactly why! Often times these conditions arise slowly over time, unbeknownst to us and without pain, due to lack of movement and proper alignment. Every joint in our bodies remains healthy through proper movement and alignment, and without it the spine and spinal discs will slowly begin to degenerate, which can eventually make it very easy to bulge or herniate a spinal disc.

However, there is hope! Non-surgical Spinal Decompression machines are specifically designed to reverse the effects of bulging or herniated discs and degenerative disc disease in the lower back or neck. It does this by slowly milking water and nutrients back into the disc restoring the disc to its original nice and plump state and retracting the bulge or herniation back into its proper location all without drugs or surgery! So if you or someone you know are constantly "throwing out your back" or "slipping a disc", ask at your next appointment if spinal decompression can help you live a better quality of life.

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