The Problem With Most Diets

We have been taught for about the last 50 years that there are two (and only two) reasons we have weight issues - We eat too much, and we don't exercise enough.

Almost all of the popular "diet" programs on the market today are based around those two things. And if that were the case, we, as a general society, would weigh less and less versus what has happened - and that is we weigh more and more.

There are over 1600 different reasons (or markers) that determine our ability to lose weight. We all know people who can walk past the refrigerator without opening the door and gain weight. We also know people who could actually live in the refrigerator and lose weight. It has nothing to do with calories. It has to do with our metabolism.

The Thrive program is designed to identify your specific markers and reset them to allow your body to reach your highest metabolic state. Once this is achieved, we guarantee the ability to lose 20-45 pounds in as little as 40 days - without being hungry and without the need to exercise in order to lose weight. This program has worked for thousands of people, and not only do you lose weight - you feel better too!

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