How to Calm a Highly Sensitive Nervous System

Calming your body and mind doesn't happen overnight. It takes practice, but it's a real possibility. Here are some ways to calm an anxious nervous system:

  • Self-soothe through affirmations - Affirmations are only useful if they're having a helpful impact on your state of being. A slow, calm, and reassuring internal voice can be a great tool to calm the body.
  • Journal from the perspective of your calm - When you've written down your stressful thoughts, you can dialogue (and reason) with it from the perspective of a calmer and wiser voice.
  • Increase bodily awareness - Anxiety can feel like it comes out of nowhere, but that's rarely the case. Through meditation, yoga, etc., you can catch the early signs of tension in your body before they get too difficult to manage.
  • Dance - Dancing is a great way to reduce stress and increase your bodily awareness. And the good thing is you don't need to get any special training or even leave your house-you can just blast your favorite song and get moving!

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